How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your New Dog

Are you going to buy a Chessie soon? For sure, you are excited for the arrival of a new furry companion. But have you done the necessary preparations? Just like raising a child, owning a dog involves providing it with the proper attention, care, and consistent dog training so that it can easily adjust to its new home. Pet owners should make sure that their dogs are healthy, happy, and safe at all times.

Prepare the dog care essentials

So what do you need to prepare before your new dog arrives? First, make sure you already have all the essential things such as dog food, collar, bowls, grooming supplies, and toys.

Include dog-related expenses in your budget

As a dog owner, better prepare your wallet as you have to spend on regular checkups, dog food, grooming supplies, toys, and emergency expenses. Also, be ready to devote ample time for dog training, which includes teaching the pet how to stop chewing, how to deal with other pets at home, and where to pee.

Give your new pet its own home

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are known for their tendency to be territorial, and it’s only natural for them to be aggressive toward other dogs. So it’s a good option to give your dog his or her own space in your home. It’s best if you can provide your new pup a well-ventilated room. In this area, remove all the objects that can cause harm or injury such as pointed items, poisonous elements, and plants. Get rid of every harmful object that a dog might chew on. You can get chewing toys for your new furry baby.

Be ready to invest time and money for taking care of your dog. Treat it like a friend or even your own kid, and it will grow and live healthy. Your new furry friend will definitely be happy to stay in a place that can provide all his or her needs.

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