How to Introduce Your New Chessie to Your Other Dogs

If you’re bringing in a new dog at home, one of your first concerns is how to introduce the new pet to your other pets. Depending on their personality, animals react differently to a newcomer. Usually, resident pets find it hard to share the attention and resources at home with a new dog (or any animal for that matter) when they have had the sole attention of their owners for a very long time. Dogs are territorial animals—they feel threatened by the presence of a new pet.

It also doesn’t help that Chesapeake Bay Retrievers tend also to be aggressive to other dogs. They have to be dealt with supervision.

Here are some tips to make your new dog comfortable in the company of the pets already living in your home.

Keep them relaxed

Before the new dog meets his soon-to-be canine or feline companions, put the resident pets in a relaxed mood by feeding them a sufficient meal and walking them around. The new pup should meet your other pets outside your house like in the yard.

Put them on leashes

Make sure that the dogs and the new pup are both on leashes. You may need to ask a friend to help you control the dogs should they engage in a vicious barking war. Expect some display of hostility from the older dogs like growling or even biting. And when they do, don’t hesitate to discipline them. On the other hand, if your resident dogs behave appropriately, give them reassuring gestures like touching and rubbing their head and ears. You can let both dogs off their leashes if they don’t show any intentions of hurting each other.

Walk the resident and new pets

Walk the resident pets with the dog for about an hour. This is a good way of dog training as the new dog will learn to socialize and feel comfortable with his new housemates. Then take the animals to your home and walk them again for about 15 minutes. This will familiarize the new dog to his new home and will make the older pets adjust to a new canine friend.

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